From the Desk of the President 

Sunday the 29th January 2017

On a Bus to Somewhere

I am penning this from a bus. We left Inverness Scotland at 6:50 am with the intention of arriving in Glasgow at about 11:00 am. We are going there to watch a football match between Celtic and Heart of Midlothian at Park Head. Yesterday we went to see Inverness Caledonian Thistle play Partick Thistle. Game time was upon us so we found our seats and I sat with my cup of Bovril in hand. Mmmmm so good. ( google Bovril for more info ). 

This game was not of a high standard. Employing tactics which reminded one of a late 1970's fixture I sat thinking how far our local game had advanced. To watch all 20 field players congregate in one area of the field for goal kicks every time was bizarre to say the least. Not once in 90 minutes did we see an attempt to play out from the back.  With only one exception  the goal keepers on both ends booted the ball down the field giving themselves a 45 / 55 % chance of keeping possession. I am certainly not criticising this for one may argue that Devonport Strikers under the stewardship of Peter Saville won it all in 2016 employing these very tactics.  Being just a bit surprised by the plan I expected a more refined game in the Scottish Premier League than what I was witnessing. But to sit in the crowd and listen to the locals cheer and behave not dissimilar to those at Warrior Park was a joy! I cheered for Thistle thus saving any arguments from the supporters of both clubs. I am now looking forward to the Celtic vs Hearts of Midlothian fixture hoping for a more updated game plan.  I ask you the reader how does one cheer for Heart of Midlothian? After all it does not exactly just roll off the tongue does it. 

Back to Warrior Park and the club is gearing up for successful 2017. We made lots of changes in 2016. Notably the procurement of Dale Itchens and Colin Robbins services has made a huge difference to the Junior and Youth departments of the club. They both have raised our professionalism in these key areas. This club and its players will reap the rewards for many years to come. Keep a look out on the social media pages website,book face and the app for regular updates on what's happening around the club. 

Our flagship Senior NPL squad is definitely getting a makeover. After the not so successful 2016 I expect big things from the squad which new coach Ian Shaw and the Board have cobbled together. The youth coming through are quality and will add to the new players that have signed. The likes of Ortman, Bellini, Little and Thomas can only  enhance our chances. I believe anything short of top 2 will be a fail given the quality of new recruits and the loyal players from previous years. I should say top 1 but I do not want to put any undue pressure on the squad. 

Our senior Ladies coming off a great 2016 where they won it all are back to defend their title. Although we have had some issues after the naming of Head Coach Glen McNeill as an administrator at FFT the club is solving this issue and will be a force to be reckoned with at the top level of Women's football in Tasmania. An announcement of the new head coach will be made forthwith. I take this opportunity to welcome both the Reserve Coach George Krambousanos and our new recruited ladies who will play in the 2nd tier competition.

Olympia FC is big club. We welcome all those who wish to be part of something special to come on board and enjoy the ride. Whether you are interested in junior youth ladies or men's football you will find a place at Olympia FC Warriors. 


My personal thanks goes to all involved. Without all of you doing what you do to make the club tick we would be nothing. We are blessed to have wonderful people with quality sponsors in all departments. Performance Automobiles, Salamanca Fresh, Henry Jones Art Hotel and Horticultural Landscape Supplies are the major sponsors for 2017.  Also Urban Greek Restaurant in Murray Street and Cugginis Restaurant in Bellerive are on board for 2017. Providing quality food at a reasonable price east or west we have you covered. These along with many other smaller sponsors are critical in providing funding for to provide the professional service that we do. Please take for your self our newly printed free calendar with names and phone numbers of a lot of our smaller sponsors. These are available at Warrior Park in the canteen or at the gate upon entry. Please support all of the above throughout the 2017 season. 

Well the bus trip is nearly over as Glasgow is on the horizon and I need coffee! Actually make that a pot of tea please. After all I am in Scotland.  


Thanks for dropping in please turn the light out when you leave.