Melbourne Victory Invite

Following our PAC (Pre Academy Centre) with Melbourne Victory earlier in the year, Curtis Miley did enough to showcase his talents and was 1 of 3 fortunate players to be invited up to Melbourne to trial for a place in their Academy. Curtis has been at Olympia FC for the past eight years and has now just spent the week up in Melbourne pushing for a spot within their ranks. This is not only a great opportunity for Curtis, but it also shows the pathway available for other young talented players. With our link to Melbourne Victory it gives them the opportunity to be seen and push for higher honours just like Curtis has done so far. We hope to see many more players involved in the future.

Below is a little Q&A from Curtis himself to share his experience with Melbourne Victory.

Can you name a highlight of your trial?

I was amazed by how welcoming the lads were. They were so friendly and keen to have me along for the week and it showed me a great side of their team and club culture.

Which groups did you train with?

Melbourne Victory U16 squad

What was the biggest difference you noticed when you were with Melbourne Victory?

The Victory lads train with the same intensity as they apply to their game play. They are all good at keeping up strong communication throughout the entire training session.

What’s one thing your bring back to Olympia FC, which has improved your game?

To react much quicker in transition. To win the ball back as quick as possible in any way I can and don't waste any time or energy on dwelling on mistakes.

Well done Curtis, keep working hard and fingers crossed for you from everyone here at Olympia F.C.

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