Chambers & Chambers strike to secure Statewide Cup for Olympia

Match report by Tanner Coad.

The Olympia Warriors have gotten the Statewide Cup monkey off their backs at their third attempt, with a 3-1 victory over Launceston United at KGV earning them the 2021 trophy.

Right from the get-go, the action from Launceston could be summed up with one word: aggression. United were hell-bent on bringing plenty of physicality to the reigning WSL champions, not allowing the midfield of Innocent Michael and Leah Gubb any room in the opening minutes. That pressure paid off when Jess Robinson scored for an early breakthrough, sending the United travelling fans into raptures.

Olympia were in unfamiliar territory knowing they had to come from behind, and the stakes couldn’t be any higher. United continued their long-ball tactics and working down the flanks, but this soon came to a halt when Madi Gilpin was removed from the field and subbed out with a broken wrist.

Gilpin’s exit opened the door for Olympia to shift the momentum, and they now had found a weakness in the defence. Just before half-time Charlotte Chambers appeared to have shanked her shot in the box, but it somehow eased past the keeper to equalise for the Warriors, with the score 1-1 at the break.

The second half began as it started, with scoring chances but no goals from United. It was Olympia that struck to take the advantage, and it was the veteran Madi Chambers who completed her final cup game with another tidy brace. That sealed the result for Olympia, with their third attempt at the cup the charm.

Olympia’s youth continues to shine, but they will need to keep up their consistency if they are to go back-to-back in the league. United went down but are not out, and there is plenty for the visitors to work towards with how high they have already set the bar.

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