What a Weekend at Warrior Park!

What a weekend at Warrior Park!

A big thanks to everyone that turned up in support of our teams on Saturday, what an atmosphere around the club and that’s all credit to everyone that turned up. A massive thanks must also go out to our volunteers for the hours they put in to keep everything running smoothly. Nothing happens around the club without the support from our amazing volunteers.

Match Day Sponsor & BBQ - MK Constructions

How great was it having the greek BBQ going! I’m sure everyone would agree with us, when we say the food was amazing! Thanks again MK Construction for your on going support.

Also a thanks must go out to our major sponsor Urban Greek, they were again hosted upstairs and enjoyed the game viewing from above. I hope you enjoyed the show.

It was also a great day for the club in another way. As club member and NPL player Jake Vandermey invited 20+ kids from Herdmans Cove Primary School (where he teaches at), to the club to experience the game and the environment. The kids were all picked up and bussed across to Warrior Park with help from Michael Moschogianis, and treated to a day out at the football. Throughout the game you could hear the kids cheering on Mr V as he played, with smiles from the kids as they all joined the players in the changing room to sing the club song at the full-time whistle.

A special mention must go out to our father and son combo from the Moschogianis family. Normally son Koby would be holding down the fort in the backline, and father Michael would be supporting as the team manager/sports trainer. But on Saturday Koby was backed up by Michael as he was substituted on as GK in the 86min. What a fantastic day for the family.

Now days like this is what Olympia is all about and what we want to continue. Let’s keep this buzz and continue to build the atmosphere around the club heading into 2022.

We will share the full album by Solstice Digital to our facebook page, so go through and have a look at all of the days moments. I think they really hit the nail on the head with their write up of the day as well.

Go Warriors!

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