Olympia Women taking the Statewide Cup in their Stride

For many years the Statewide Cup has showcased the best Women’s football that Tasmania has to offer; highlighting the passion, determination and love we all share for the game. This match today is no exception as Olympia FC Warriors welcome Launceston City to their home ground, Warrior Park.

Photo Credit: Solstice Photography

Both teams have had a very strong start to the season, sitting at the top of the table of their leagues respectively, with no sign of slowing down. Today’s match will showcase the skills of some of Tasmania’s most talented and experienced players, but will also be a great opportunity for some of the younger girls to shine.

Alastair Russell, coach of Olympia FC Warriors Women’s Squad, discussed the occasion with us.

“This match has been a driving focus for us for the last few weeks. To be playing against the best Super League side is what we want, this game gives us a wonderful opportunity”

“They are top of the Super League table for a reason, they have more mature and experienced players in their squad than we do.”

With the Warriors having eleven players under the age of seventeen in the squad, it makes them one of the youngest senior teams in the state.

“This only excites us as a squad, because if there is one thing that these girls love, it’s a challenge. I know today will be no exception.”

Olympia FC Warriors were removed from the Super League this season, playing in the Veto Women’s Championship. But not playing at the top level hasn’t allowed the girls to slow down.

“We want to be tested every week at the highest standard possible, our trainings are very competitive and we have some great games there too.”

“Also we can’t forget that two thirds of the Statewide Cup Squad have just come back from being fully tested at the Dallas Cup in Texas.”

Lack of preparation will be no excuse for Olympia, after two training sessions this week with the full women’s squad, and one tactical session for the Statewide Squad.

“The girls are in great shape and raring to go, I am very excited by the challenge that a top side like Launceston City will bring.”

“I know the girls will be giving it their all, in the hope of getting the chance to progress through to the Semi Finals of the Women’s Statewide Cup.”

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